Jiuzhaigou: Beautiful in Blue

If there were a magical place on earth, it would have to be Jiuzhaigou. The scenery is breathtaking with its lakes, spectacular waterfalls, lush forests, towering mountains and unique wildlife. The hues and… Continue reading

Long Road up the Jiuzhai Valley

Eleven hours covering a distance of 460 kilometers! That’s how long it took for me to travel from Chengdu International Airport to Jiuzhaigou. Jiuzhaigou nestles in big mountains, isolated from other cities in the… Continue reading

Diexi Lake: What Lies Beneath (#38)

  En route to Jiuzhaigou from Chengdu, China, the bus stopped by at Diexi Lake for a 20-minute break. Diexi Lake is a landslide dam-created lake and lies at the foot of Minshan Mountain and… Continue reading

Pantheon: Timepiece for the Gods (#37)

The Roman Pantheon is a concrete marvel, a product of mathematical genius and very clever use of space. I was in awe of its thick walls, large marble columns and huge doors. In fact, everything about the Pantheon is huge;… Continue reading

Sirmoine: Garden by the Lake (#36)

Sirmione is a picturesque town with its own distinctive ambience and style. It sits at the tip of a narrow 6.5-kilometer peninsular, and is almost entirely surround by Lake Garda. Before entering Sirmione,… Continue reading

Colosseum: Death Watch (#35)

    Millions of people visit the Colosseum every year to get a “feel” of what life was like during ancient Roman times. Those were violent, frightening and cruel days, and I certainly wouldn’t have liked to live in that era!  Built… Continue reading

Leaning Towards Pisa (#34)

I really could not think of how to photograph the Tower of Pisa in a way that has not already been captured millions of times. Furthermore, the place was jammed-packed with tourists wanting to get a… Continue reading

Waiting for Juliet (#33)

    While walking in Florence’s old town, I chanced upon this pretty window and bicycle.

Footprints in Florence

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region in Italy. The city is considered a cultural, Renaissance art and architectural gem. Besides being well-known for its monuments, churches and buildings, Florence boasts of outdoor artworks, piazzas, bridges and elegant side… Continue reading