Of Roots and Ruins – Ta Prohm

One of Angkor’s most popular temples must be Ta Prohm, sometimes called the Jungle Temple or Tree Temple. Its unique combination of stones and trees growing out of the ruins with roots coiling and blending into the walls of… Continue reading

Tonle Sap – Water, Sky and Sunset (#42)

The boat ride leading out to the massive open waters of Tonle Sap lake was very relaxing. We had the boat to ourselves and the open top deck gave me an uninterrupted view of… Continue reading

Tonle Sap: Lady of the Lake (#41)

A Cambodian woman paddling a boat with two children in tow. One of my favourite images caught on camera during my boat ride across Tonle Sap Lake. The life of a Khmer woman is in… Continue reading

Kampong Khleang: Life Afloat on Tonle Sap

Tonle Sap Lake offers the chance to see a different side of Siem Reap aside from Angkor’s temples. It is the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia with a unique cultural landscape and eco-system covering 7,400 square miles when… Continue reading

Angkor Thom’s Bayon: Faces On High Places

After visiting Angkor Wat, many people head for Angkor Thom, which is situated just 1.7 kilometres away. Angkor Thom is well-known for its four-sided faces and towering southern gate. Established in the late 12th Century by King Jayavarman… Continue reading

One Very Early Morning at Phnom Bakheng

If you are wondering where tourists in Cambodia go during sunset, you’ll probably find half of them at Phnom Bakheng (Bakheng Hill). The hike uphill is challenging but manageable. Once you reach the base of the temple, you still need… Continue reading

Angkor: Sunset Play (#40)

There is just something very ethereal about watching light being embraced by darkness and disappearing silently into Angkor’s still waters. At the spot where I was standing, some Cambodian boys were playing nearby and showing off their diving prowess. Judging… Continue reading

Angkor – Behind the Scenes (#39)

Did I fail to mention in my last post on Angkor that there are no toilet facilities in the temple grounds itself? Angkor’s public toilet is found a short distance away from the food stalls located across the road… Continue reading

Angkor Wat – An Architectural Wonder

When I first told my friends that I had decided to go on a photo trip to Cambodia with four other photo enthusiasts, I was met with incredulous looks. They could not fathom how… Continue reading