Hi there! Thanks for visiting my site. I enjoy photography, travelling, watching sci-fi movies and laughing at myself and others every now and then.

Photography has always been an activity that interested me. When I was a little girl, I used to watch my father develop his own black and white photos in his dark room. After graduating from university, I joined the rat race and undertook jobs that involved researching, drafting policy papers and speeches, writing articles and developing training curricula. Occasionally, I was required to travel overseas and come back with a comprehensive report, complete with photographs. Hence my interest in photography resurfaced and I decided to get a DSLR camera.

This site was developed to share photos of my travels and the other moments of my life that I don’t wish to forget – ever! Now that writing is no longer mandatory for me (hurray!), I prefer to allow the pictures to speak rather than the words. However, because of my past “conditioning”, it’s unlike me to just post a photo without a description.

In the years to come, I hope that re-visiting some of my old posts will help jolt my memory on those special moments and emotions experienced during this lifetime!

Many thanks for stopping by!   🙂