On the Edge of The Blue Lake

The weather here has been unpredictable lately – with sweltering mornings turning very quickly into heavy showers and thunderstorms in a matter of minutes. This makes planning for an outing difficult and frustrating. Three weeks ago, however, I felt that I had had enough of waiting for the weather to improve and decided to check out a mysterious lake  that I had read about on the internet.

I was feeling pretty disgusted with myself for not knowing that this lake is just a 33-minute drive away from home. Notwithstanding the fact that many residents who have lived here all their lives are unaware of the existence of this lake sitting in their backyard.

Better known as the Seri Alam Blue Lake, it is not a natural lake but an abandoned granite quarry – with the bluest water ever! While a lake with blue water may not seem a big deal, it is certainly not a common sight here. In fact, I’ve never come across a blue-coloured lake in Malaysia, let alone get to know that one has been practically outside my doorstep all along!

The trip was fraught with obstacles from the beginning. It started to rain heavily just as I was about to drive off. The downpour set me back by an hour but did not dampen my resolve to check out the lake that same evening.

Finding the lake was a bit of a challenge. There were no road signs to indicate that there was even a lake in that area! You would not expect to find a lake hidden behind a hill, with a university campus and a residential development project nearby. This quiet stretch of road transforms into a racing track in the evenings for Mat Rempit, the term used to describe local youths who race on their modified motorcycles at daredevil speeds with dangerous stunts thrown in.

Upon arriving, I was taken aback to see that metal barriers had been erected at the entrance to the car park, effectively sealing off access and rendering the Blue Lake off-limits to visitors.

I certainly had no intention of turning back without satisfying my curiosity about what was behind those barriers. We drove a little further down the road, trying to figure a way to circumvent the barrier. We spotted an opportunity where the barriers ended and joined up with the road railings. In the end, I decided to lie flat on the ground and wriggle my way under the railing to get to the other side.

We then made our way across the uneven, sandy slopes and continued uphill…

….until we spied what appeared to be a chasm in the distance.

On reaching the edge, I was greeted by a stunning blue-green body of water cradled by granite cliffs and green foliage. It felt unreal, overwhelming and sad to see this beautiful, quiet lake in such a forgotten state. I made my way carefully down a protruding rock to get a closer view of the blue water and its surrounds. The damp ground was narrow and slippery, allowing enough space for only one person at a time to take in the scenery. One false step would have meant a one-way ticket all the way down to the beautiful but toxic waters of the lake.

Photo credit to CY Lim    Panoramic view of the Blue Lake.

The fate of the lake looks uncertain. The water level appears to have dropped considerably, reducing the size of the lake and exposing the granite rock underneath. If left to the elements, it’s just a matter of time that the lake will dry up and disappear forever. With all the building and construction taking place in the surrounding area, I am hoping that the lake will be retained as another attraction within a recreation area in the vicinity. The worse thing that can happen is if all that water is drained out for land reclamation.

The Blue Lake is certainly a fetching sight. I am waiting for clear day to sneak back in to catch the sunset.


21 thoughts on “On the Edge of The Blue Lake

      1. Yes we have been busy preparing everything for the bid day and the honeymoon. We are also going to move and relocate to Shetland islands in 2018 so it has been a lot of things happening all at once and we have been quite busy, mainly trying to sort out administrative stuff!

      2. Wow! Shetland Islands is such a stunning, awesome place to call home. With Brexit round the corner and Scotland wanting to remain within the EU, it looks like your nationality is going to be pretty ambiguous. I can understand why there’s lots of administrative stuff to take care of! Ha! Ha! Congratulations and best wishes to the both of you! :

      3. Yes, it’s a nightmare.. and the worse is that we don’t really know what’s going to happen, it’s a bit scary. Nothing is set in stone.

        It is very exciting and I cannot wait actually!

      1. You wish! Jiuzhaigou is really breathtaking but no swimming is allowed. In any case, you will lose your desire to swim once you see what’s underneath that crystal clear water – tree trunks, branches, rock and sea grass. The dead stillness in all that blue water can be both calming and creepy.

  1. Such a beautiful lake, Helen. So many gems lie hidden so close to us. 🙂 It’s ironic how at times we set in search of wonders across the world and miss the ones in front of us. I really love the look of the new blog and the earlier post was a winner. Beautiful photography and a nice commentary to a sacred ritual. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Initially I was a bit hesitant to publish my post on Thaipusam as I thought readers would find it boring. However, after googling some images on Thaipusm, I felt that many of those images did not capture the essence and meaning of the ritual from a personal standpoint. Not that my photos are good but I think I managed to capture some details that you don’t find in Google images. Glad you liked my blog theme. I like it, too, although the uploaded pics do not pop out, in my opinion. Have a great week ahead!

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