Sunset Over Mauritius

Upon getting back to the resort after the day tour, we still had forty minutes to dinner time. I decided to check out the resort’s fitness centre that’s equipped with a gym, swimming pool, two-tiered sun deck and a chic spa with hot tubs, sauna and massage rooms.

The fitness centre on the rooftop was tastefully done up with Balinese touches incorporated into its design – water features, small statues, candles, plants and the use of bamboo, wood, brick and stone to create a sense of harmony and balance with the environment.

What was most satisfying for me, however, was the orange sky I spied behind the pergola. I just could not believe I was seeing the end of day unfolding right in front of my “doorstep” of all places! At that moment, I almost changed my mind about going to the beach.

A deep orange sky seen from the sun deck
A view of the fading sun over downtown Flic en Flac seen from the rooftop spa balcony. The bird was a bonus!

However, noting that it was my second and last evening in Mauritius, I decided it best not to overthink,  so I made a dash for the beach to catch the last traces of light. Made it…but only JUST!!







8 thoughts on “Sunset Over Mauritius

    1. Watching the setting sun is always a humbling experience for me. I am just grateful that I get to live another day and breath in the world. Yes, I had a great time and wished I could have stayed an extra night in Mauritius. So many things to see, so little time! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Very true! Watching the setting sun is a beautiful view โ˜บ 24 hours in Mauritius is a short time but a wonderful experience neverthelessโ˜บ Hope you have another trip soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

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