In Sight Johor: Air Papan

While cruising along the east coast of Malaysia I came across this beautiful 3-kilometre stretch of beach, hidden away from the main road. Naturally, I had to stop to have a closer look. The tide was low and I managed to walk quite a distance out to sea. It was a good day to catch a glimpse of some of the surrounding islands in the vicinity. I did wonder if the water was shallow enough to get to the nearest island but didn’t attempt as there was nobody nearby to call in case I needed help!






A little further up the road…



8 thoughts on “In Sight Johor: Air Papan

    1. I love discovering new places to the point where I sometimes become careless. This is bad for me and I need to be more vigilant. Just two days ago, I read in the news about a amateur photographer on a group hike wgo died when she accidentally fell into a hole in the national park. Must have been busy looking to focus with her camera instead of looking where she was going. 😦 Hope you are enjoying your weekend, Susan! 🙂

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