4WD to Kakadu – Picnic Lunch at Angbangbang Billabong (#53)

It took a couple of hours to finally get out of the dirt road from Jim Jim and head northwards to view the rock art in Nourlangie. We made a stopover for lunch at Angbangbang Billabong, one of Kakadu’s most attractive billabongs. Here, you get to see a large variety of wetland waterbirds, water lilies, as well as Burrunggui (Nourlangie Rock) making for a stunning backdrop.

There’s an easy 2.5 km walk around the billabong but as the track is so close to the water, you need to be wary of saltwater crocodiles.









The long ride had made us very hungry. We set up our picnic goodies on one of the shaded park benches and made sandwiches topped with bacon, ham and leftover kangaroo meat from the previous night’s campfire dinner. The day was very hot, and we were glad to have a bit of a stretch, take selfies and enjoy the view.

12 thoughts on “4WD to Kakadu – Picnic Lunch at Angbangbang Billabong (#53)

    1. The weather was really hot but not humid. The photos of the birds flying was a failed attempt to get a shot of the birds on the ground. I crept towards them hoping to get a decent click, but they spotted me and flew off! 😦 So what you see is my chasing them away with my presence! 🙂

      1. Haha! Birds are like that. If they don’t fly that would mean they are used to humans. And that, to me, kills the purpose of exploring them in the wild. Loved the capture, anyway!

  1. Wow!!!
    What a lovely place to go out for a picnic and nature at its best, the wet land, the water birds and the water lilies, the flying birds, the swimming birds and the walking birds, they are in full form and they are enjoy every bit of the nature.
    The way the pictures have been captured are magical.
    Just loved it…

      1. I agree, I could see through, one could catch so much and not beyond…lens have the limitation where the eyes can cherish the moments but cannot preserve it forever…
        It was a delight to go through the post…

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