4WD to Kakadu – Sunset at Yellow Water Billabong (#52)

Yellow Water Billabong is near the small settlement of Cooinda in Kakadu National Park. This massive wetlands is rich in wildlife and boasts of stunning scenery in an ever-changing vibrant landscape. The pretty water lilies dotting the calm water’s surface may give the impression that all is quiet, but don’t underestimate the serenity of this billabong. This place is notorious for crocodiles lurking beneath the surface…and these crocs share the same eco-space with a wide range of resident birdlife, fish and amphibians.

After a jam-packed day at Kakadu, watching the sun set behind Yellow Water was a great way to wind down for the evening!



17 thoughts on “4WD to Kakadu – Sunset at Yellow Water Billabong (#52)

    1. While the rest of Australia was experiencing one of the most severe winters this year, I was sweating from the heat in NT. It is an awesome place. I have never been so up close to wildlife before this. The residents have much love and respect for the land, and co-exist with the wildlife. So much so that the animals that we usually only see in zoos, are not afraid to come out and mingle with humans. 🙂 Will keep my fingers crossed for you to make it there! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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