Chasing the Sunset at Pengerang (#51)

Pengerang is a small customs and immigration post lying on the south-western tip of Johor, Malaysia. There really isn’t much to do in this sleepy little town, except binge on inexpensive seafood.  Changi Point Ferry Terminal in Singapore is right across the sea, so eating places in Pengerang and nearby Sungei Rengit enjoy a fair number of visitors from Singapore, especially during weekends.

Bum boats operate between Changi Point Ferry Terminal and Pengerang on a daily basis. There’s no fixed schedule. The bumboat operators will only leave when there are twelve passengers. If you don’t want to wait for twelve passengers, you can pay the boat operator for the vacant seats and you are on your way to the other side.

I managed to get some sunset photos in Pengerang. They were taken at an isolated stretch of beach, well-hidden from the road. There was no brilliant sunset on that day as it had rained quite heavily a few hours before. The weather was overcast and I was resigned once again to going home disappointed. As I made my way towards the car, I turned to have one last look and that was when I realised that the blue, pink, yellow, orange and red hues had decided to come out of hiding, throwing a distinct silhouette on all those that dared stand in front of it.






22 thoughts on “Chasing the Sunset at Pengerang (#51)

  1. great photos, as usual. I do hope you were able to take a dip on that inviting beach, though. I would have. But maybe because I’m addicted to the sea. :p 🙂

      1. I love lobster, langoustines, scampi, crabs, shrimp, squat lobster… all these kind of animals 🙂 But I also love squid and octopus 🙂 And for me, garlic and black pepper is the best combination for sea food !!! hmmm, so yummy.

        I’ve never tried an oyster omelette 😦

      2. If you are ever in this part of the world, try out the oyster omelette. My favourite style is to keep it overnight in the refrigerator, reheat the next morning and spead the omelette over buttered toast. Yum! Yum… because all the flavours have infused into the omelette! 🙂

    1. Thank-you very much, Ruta! My favourite is also the fourth image. Cannot understand why this particular photograph garnered the least number of votes in my other social media platforms. You’ve got good taste! 🙂

    1. All that waiting did indeed pay off in the end, Susan! I like most seafood except fish! 🙂 However, I didn’t stay back to enjoy the seafood but made the 1.5-hr drive home to have dinner in a new dim sum restaurant. 🙂

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