2015 – Year of the Goat

Chinese all over the world celebrated Chinese New Year on 19 February 2015, ushering in the Wooden Goat. With the galloping away of the Horse, this New Year is expected to be much calmer; opening up new windows for reflection, compassion and appreciating what has been accomplished in the previous year. Combined with the regenerative characteristics of wood, creativity is expected to be at its optimum.

Below are just some photos of how I would like to remember this Lunar New Year. After all that feasting that has taken place the past fifteen days, it’s about time I got down to doing some exercise!

19 thoughts on “2015 – Year of the Goat

    1. Ha! ha! Neither, Shakti. I suppose you are referring to the lions.The lion dances performed during Chinese New Year usually comprise an eating ritual.
      1. Oranges, because of their round shape, symbolise longevity and health.
      2. Lettuce for wealth and luck
      3. Red packet containing money symbolises good fortune
      The lion eats the oranges first and spits it back out. Whoever gets to catch an orange with their hands will enjoy good luck. Next, lettuce is strewn everywhere, symbolising the spreading of wealth to those watching. Last, the lion “eats” the red packet, bringing good fortune to the host who invited them in.

    1. What a surprise, Rachel! Thanks so much. I will have a look at the questions and try my best to answer…but not this weekend. I am tied up with attending a wedding, a birthday and a funeral! Honest!!!

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