Ta Prohm – Beauty In Neglect (#46)

While it may seem as if Ta Prohm has become a victim of unfettered nature, this appearance of neglect is, in fact, deliberately maintained. Can you imagine that during its heyday, the walls were elaborately decorated with precious stones, while music and dancing filled the halls?

This is one of my favourite photos of the Tree Temple. I guess it’s because of the lone figure quietly sweeping away. Her presence strikes a quiet balance of the opposites – young and old, past and present, decay and renewal, inevitability and continuation, life and death.


6 thoughts on “Ta Prohm – Beauty In Neglect (#46)

    1. I hope you can make it to Cambodia one day to experience the quiet simplicity of the place. Very spiritually uplifting. No wonder the Cambodians are so proud of their heritage.

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