Angkor Thom (#43)

The last and most enduring city in Angkor, built in the 12th century. It is configured in a near-perfect square and protected by a 100-meter-wide moat which has since dried up. The moat is said to have contained crocodiles!

Its easy to go round in circles and lose your sense of direction in Angkor Thom. I took this photo while while waiting for the other three to show up, thinking that this was our meeting point. After 20 minutes, we decided to walk along the perimeter of the huge complex to look for them. We found them waiting for us on another side of the complex! Luckily I was with the Tour Guide – which just goes to show that even tour guides lose their sense of direction sometimes!

4 thoughts on “Angkor Thom (#43)

    1. I like Cambodia a lot. It’s like going to another world, where life is simple and uncomplicated. Even as I write this, I am seriously thinking about making another visit there this year. I would like to visit the lesser-known temples this time round and spend more time at Angkor Thom. The people are very friendly. I never felt that my safety was threatened at any time. Despite the fact that the majority of the locals are poor, they are honest. You can hire a tuk-tuk for a day and leave your heavy/bulky items with the driver. They will not run away with your things – at least, that was my pleasant experience. 🙂

      1. That’s good to know ! I was a bit afraid about that, because poverty is so important over there. But I’m glad you shared your experience ! Thanks. I would love to visit, I’m fascinated by the temples and the history of the place. I love the trees as well.

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