Tonle Sap – Water, Sky and Sunset (#42)

The boat ride leading out to the massive open waters of Tonle Sap lake was very relaxing. We had the boat to ourselves and the open top deck gave me an uninterrupted view of my surroundings. Tonle Sap was huge, with its quiet calm waters expanding into the horizon. I felt I was in another world where time stood still.

Slowly, the sky turned orange, creating a spectacular painting of golden hues across its borderless canvass. Does the boat driver realise how lucky he is to witness this transformation every evening?

Angkor’s temples are magnificent, but if you ask me about my happiest memory from this trip, it would have to be the leisurely boat ride on Tonle Sap, touching the wind, breathing in the natural scent of my surroundings and watching the sky change colour.

What a beautiful way to wrap up the day!








22 thoughts on “Tonle Sap – Water, Sky and Sunset (#42)

      1. I have so many travel ideas for this year… though I am trying not to plan so much, sometimes is good to improvise a bit 😀 but I know that there will be Brazil 2 times this year, as have to visit my family and also go to my best friend’s wedding 😀
        Denmark is also on the list for sure!!

        What about you? Any travel plans for 2015?

      2. I have a few pressing issues on the home front, and that is why I have not been blogging for some time. I definitely want to travel but bit looks like any plans will only materialise in the second half of this year. Will keep everyone updated once my travel plans are more concrete. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog site. Yes, we all see the same sun set everyday and it still a magical moment for some of us! Nice of you to follow me. I am reading some of your posts and will likewise follow you as we seem to share the same enthusiasm for travel. You have relocated to a lovely place. Lucky you and lucky husband to have a wife who is so open and adaptable to new cultures and experiences!

      1. You’re so lovely Helene, really! I’ll let him know too 🙂 Yes, Slovenia is very beautiful, have you been here? If so, what did you like the most. If you haven’t, well you have an open invitation to come anytime! Hopefully I can transmit all the beauty I see through my eyes in my blog. Let’s keep in touch, I’m also glad I found a blog like yours 🙂

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