Angkor: Sunset Play (#40)

There is just something very ethereal about watching light being embraced by darkness and disappearing silently into Angkor’s still waters.


At the spot where I was standing, some Cambodian boys were playing nearby and showing off their diving prowess. Judging from the gleeful shouts and laughter, they were enjoying themselves, climbing higher and higher up the tree’s branches and daring each other to jump down into Angkor lake. It looks like everyone can swim in Cambodia – even the very young children!


8 thoughts on “Angkor: Sunset Play (#40)

    1. I don’t know if there are parasitic worms or not but none of the children appear to be affected. My take is that the rivers are dangerous to swim but the children have learnt to adapt to the water at a very young age. The parents just leave their children as young as 3 years old to play in the water with very little parental supervision. I shall be posting another photo of little children playing in the river’s edge where it plunges down as a waterfall.

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