Diexi Lake: What Lies Beneath (#38)

En route to Jiuzhaigou from Chengdu, China, the bus stopped by at Diexi Lake for a 20-minute break. Diexi Lake is a landslide dam-created lake and lies at the foot of Minshan Mountain and upper reaches of the Minjiang River. It is a famous for its serene and calm green waters, surrounded by mountains and green forests. With a vast area of 350 million square metres, Diexi Lake is the pearl of the Sichuan-Tibet Plateau.

However, there is a tragic story behind this picturesque landscape. Diexi Lake was formed as a result of a huge earthquake in 1933. Measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale, the Diexi Earthquake completely destroyed the town including 21 other neighbouring villages, killing some 6,000 people! The landslides that resulted created dams across the river, and the ancient town was completely swallowed up by Diexi Lake!

Maybe if you dive down deep enough, you can find the lost city of Diexilantis!

6 thoughts on “Diexi Lake: What Lies Beneath (#38)

  1. Unknown underwater thing really scare me a lot. Especially with those colors… there are 1001 things could live under there…

    1. Ha!Ha! One can always dream. 🙂 Who knows…a thriving underwater city could exist inside this lake…or you might even find a Diexi monster down there! To tell you the truth, I would rather go to Iceland than dive into the water! 🙂

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