Medieval Tower Houses (#31)

Please bear with me if you are seeing more than 3 posts in a day from me. I promise that this practice will stop as soon as I am able to publish my images to my site and move on. I understand that it can get quite annoying when the same someone publishes four or five posts everyday.

Two days ago, the posts I published went missing! While the pop-up from showed that I had published successfully, the posts didn’t show up on my site. Initially, I thought their non-appearance was merely delayed due to heavy internet traffic. This didn’t turn out to be the case. The frustrating part about all this is that they are not even retained in the Drafts folder anymore!

I have now resorted to backing up my posts offline so that there is a copy I can fall back on.

This is one of my favourite images  – medieval tower houses that line both sides of the narrow streets in Siena. Brilliant architecture and I’m not even talking about the cathedrals and palaces!

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