Mont Blanc (#22)

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and in Western Europe. Mont Blanc means “White Mountain” for its perpetual snow fields and glaciers. Towering at 15,782 feet (4,810 meters) trekkers get to see incredible vistas from high mountain passes, lush valleys, highway-sized glaciers and alpine views.

Getting up close and personal to Mont Blanc is a 20-minute ride in the Aiguille du Midi cable car from Chamonix. Be mindful of altitude sickness. At those heights, breathing gets a bit more difficult due to the thin air, and giddiness might set in.

We met a couple who were just about to begin their trekking journey. We stayed around to watch them adorn their heavy snow gear. Some snapshots together, one good-bye and they went their way, disappearing into the snow.

I took this opportunity to Step Into The Void,  a 2.5 meter glass enclosure, extending over a 1000 meter precipice.

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