The Road to Sedili (Part 2) – The Beach

What a pleasant surprise! There is a small clearing on the cliff-side at Tanjung Sedili where you can get a view of the South China Sea.


Further down the road, we turn into a narrow path leading up to a little house undergoing construction. There is a bamboo barrier at the entrance which I take to mean No Trespassers Allowed. From behind the barrier, I can see the South China Sea at edge of the cliff behind the house. I can hear the waves lapping soothingly over the rocks. But I don’t know how to get across. I am at a loss. And then a little boy of about 6 years old emerges from the path. We ask him if there is a way to go to the beach. He nods his head without hesitation and motions us to follow him. A few paces away, he points down.  We see some “hidden” steps leading down to an abandoned clearing that opens up to the beach.

View of the sea from high ground.
View of the steps from the clearing.
The clearing leading up to the beach

The beach is not suitable for swimming because there are so many rocks.  The beach is deserted.  We make the most of the low-tide by exploring the rocky terrain.

The rocky backwaters are a good breeding ground for marine life.






9 thoughts on “The Road to Sedili (Part 2) – The Beach

  1. You know Helene I love the sea so much. I want to visit quiet beaches.This is exactly the sort of beautiful place I want to be. So peaceful and gorgeous. What a lovely place to discover!

    1. If you like quiet beaches and playing on the rocks, this is a good place. Totally deserted. I can see why. There is not much scenery. However, this beach is so untouched that the yellow patches you see in the photos are not sand. They are sea shells covering the sand. This is rare!

    1. Glad you liked the pictures. I think the boy lived a bit further down the road. I thought he had come to say that that was private property and we were not allowed to go in. I’ve become so used to people telling me I cannot photograph here and there that I’ve become a bit paranoid! 😦 However, my skin has also become very thick in the past year and I am no longer the person who follows the rules all the time. :). You have a great day!

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