Finding Sedili (Part 1) – The Fishing Village

Sedili is a coastal region in the Mahkota Bay found at the eastern end of Johor, Malaysia. Last weekend, my friend, Janet, and I decided to go there and check out the place ourselves.

Finding our way to Sedili was challenging. Google Maps is not up-to-date and you can forget about Waze. Google Maps will take you there, but only up to a certain point. We got lost many times, driving through a labyrinth of stoney, unpaved roads. We had to backtrack again and again as the road signs were either misleading, hidden or absent. Stopping and asking for directions is the best way to get to Sedili. Thankfully, people are friendly and ever-willing to point out the way. At one stage, we ended up deep inside a kampong and had to knock on the door of the last house to ask for directions on how to just get out of that area! The occupant was very nice and even offered to lead us if we couldn’t find our way out!

A river, Sungei Sedili Besar, runs through the region and has its mouth in the South China Sea. One side of the river sits the Sedili Besar fishing village and on the other, Tanjung Sedili, where you can get great views of the South China Sea from the cliff.

At the Tanjung Sedili Jetty













Sedili town itself is just one straight road with very few cars. On arrival, you can see the jetty straight ahead with small shops bordering the riverfront. There’s plenty of space for parking. But remember to watch out for motorcycles. Almost everyone rides a motorcycle. Even teenagers can be seen on them, sometimes swerving unsteadily from side to side.

At the Selidi Besar Jetty





We enjoyed a delayed lunch at a family restaurant called Jom Rasa (in Malay “Come and Taste).  The roti canai with added egg and onions was cooked to golden perfection.  The beef rendang as a side dish melted in the mouth.



The back of the restaurant overlooks the jetty. In the distance is the Tanjung Sedili Bridge which spans 600 metres across Sedili Besar River.


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